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        Dongguan WAKAE Furniture Co., Ltd., a private enterprise established in 2001, is a professional high-end furniture supplier in mainland China.
        Since its inception, it has been adhering to the management tenet of “pragmatic, honest and entrepreneurial”.
        With the efforts of all staff, the products have been widely recognized by all sectors of society, and with the trust and support of friends in various sectors, the company's production capacity and product varieties are increasingly updated and improved.
        In terms of human resources, currently the company has more than 340 employees, including more than 260 production and technical personnel, more than 20 sales staff, 12 designers, 18 management personnel, 12 quality inspectors, and 18 after-sales service personnel.
        In terms of management, the company adheres to the employment policies and principles of “selecting, training, appointing and retaining”. In terms of product development, production and processing, it strictly observes the ISO9001 standard. With the principle of “people first”, combined with people's demands for hotel furniture and hotel furniture, technology and styles, it introduces the latest technologies from Europe, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries or regions as well as the advanced production equipments and processing technology management processes from Germany and Italy.
      In terms of marketing and expansion, it adheres to the business strategy of being based in Pearl River Delta and covering the mainland.
      The company mainly produces the following products: hotel lobby series, sofa and coffee table series, KTV room series, longue series, hallway series, real estate model room/villa series, chair series, dining table/chair/ coffee table series, conference room series, hotel room series, hotel bookcase/floor cabinet series, hardware stainless steel series and other hotel furniture.
       It can provide professional design and production according to special requirements of customers.

WAKAE Furniture Co., Ltd.

Add:Industrial Zone in Damao Ridge,Dongping Village,Qishi Town,Dongguan City        Tel:0769-81236998

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